“Nebulosa – The Organ’s Cosmic Sound Scapes” with particular focus on the Renaissance and Modern Eras 12-21 October, 2018


The Academy depends upon the vision and dedication of people in many different capacities working together. Here is the team behind the 2017 Academy.


Håkan Dahl, chairman
Alf Åslund, secretary
Lina Lindkvist, treasurer
Ingemar Henningsson
Jonas Anderson
Carl Johan Bergsten

Artistic Advisor
Hans Davidsson

Academy Staff

Project Leader
Paul Peeters

Alf Åslund
Sofia Östling

Web Development
Erik Bernskiöld
Carl Johan Bergsten

Artistic Directors in Residence

2017: Hans Davidsson
2016: Hans-Ola Ericsson
2015: Joris Verdin
Annette Richards
2013: Kimberly Marshall
2012: Hans Davidsson